About Me
Thank you for visiting, I have worked in the Substance Abuse field since 1971. I currently work for Adcare Hospital/North Dartmouth, MA Outpatient Clinic as a Fee-For-Service Clinician. Prior to this I have worked for several Substance Abuse organizations with the longest being 33 years for the Veterans Administration Hospital  including the last 10 years as Program Director of a Inpatient Program.

My specialty is Group Therapy and have taught and lectured at many local Colleges and Universities.  Have been a consultant to local Court Systems and Probation Departments.

My clinical approach has been labeled as different than most clinicians partly due to my background and early training in working with Therapeutic Community Clients. I believe that when someone has a substance abuse problem in many cases there are other underlying issues. Therefore my approach is to get to these issues and feelings that are driving the substance abuse.

The lives of individuals are shaped, for better or worse, by their experiences in groups. People are born into groups. Throughout life, they join groups. They will influence and be influenced by family, religious, social, and cultural groups that constantly shape behavior, self‐image, and both physical and mental health.
Groups can support individual members in times of pain and trouble, and they can help people grow in ways that are healthy and creative. However, groups also can support deviant behavior or influence an individual to act in ways that are unhealthy or destructive.
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